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    Andrew Dodson

    Hello, Have just finished a short period of testing with the application on the free tier and have now started on the Pro trial.  Really pleased with the simplicity and speed of the app and getting that balance is a real credit to Pandle.

    One thing I was looking forward to was the forward forecast element in the cashflow reports.  Unfortunately upon landing on it, it is too clunky for any real application of forecasting cashflow.  With most small businesses being quite lumpy in nature, to have   a forecast that averages or does % for growth... does not provide any meaningful insight.

    Can this be improved... or at the very least, be given the option to switch it off? (with tick box in the settings without having to fiddle around with dates every time you land on the page)  

    This report could well be the killer report with some better forecasting tools.  Some more thought on how to make this great would be a real boon.

    Keep up the good work!

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    Pandle Support

    Hi Andrew,

    Thanks for your kind words about Pandle, we do aim to please!

    We completely agree, the cash flow forecasting tool does need some work. We plan to add the ability to set forecasting methods per line as well as allow user manual entry to change forecasting figures for anomalies. We're also going to polish it further to bring it in line with the standard throughout the rest of the software. 

    The product is still very young compared with our competitors so we are trying to focus our time on the features our users need such as stock control and Pandle Payroll. However, you can probably see that we do release features quickly so hopefully we will get to this work shortly.

    If you have any other feedback for us we'd really like to hear from you!

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